About Wladimir Rosinskij

Composer, director and Austrian violist of Russian origin, his award-winning compositions have been premiered in halls such as the Muskiverein and Konzerthaus in Vienna, in the Philharmonie in Munich, Festpielhaus in Bregenz, Auditorio Nacional Madrid, Auditorio de Tenerife, Palacio de la Ópera de A Coruña, among many others

The eclectic music of Wladimir Rosinskij is the reflection of his own life, whose destiny has taken him from the far north in Siberia, where he played drums in groups of Rock and Big Band to make a living and where when it was not windy the forty degrees subzero considered good weather, to compose his music in A Coruña, where he has only been able to see the snow for once in 25 years.
Since the age of six he began to offer his first concerts as a violinist in his native Rostov, to premiere and perform his own music in the best concert halls in the world such as Madrid or Vienna.
The Austrian National Library in Vienna, the city where he studied composition at the Wienner Hochschule with Erich Urbanner, keeps in his musical background all the manuscript scores of his work until 2007

You can feel the climax

Poseidon und Amfitritte, for symphony orchestra, by Rosinskij, is a well-accomplished piece: you can feel the climax, the colours, the harmony. It is very rich in dynamic and rhythm. It has strength and melodies that can be followed effortlessly”.

Does not make easy music

Wladimir Rosinskij […] does not make easy music – it is frequently rough, violent and even provocative, but it is always original and interesting. 

Highly talented composer

The main trait of Taymir is, precisely, that all sounds as Rosinskij, a highly talented composer, with unique personality and impeccable technique.